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February 05, 2017


"Zimniada" in February: Irkutsk citizens are waiting for the ice sculptures in Listvyanka.
The International Baikal Festival of winter games so called "Zimniada" starts on the 4th of February. Seven big events will be presented to residents and visitors of the region during winter 2017.

Discovery of the "Ice Miracles library" opens Zimniada at the Sobolinaya mountain in Baikalsk on the 4th of February. The library will contain wishes of the hole world, made of two Baikal ice pieces. Free to visit from 4 February to mid-April 2017.

From 17 to 19 February will hold Baikal Extreme racing "Ice Storm" from Listvyanka Irkutsk region to Olkhon. The participants will have to overcome 205 km of skating, skiing and biking. Register for the race can be on the organizers' website.

In Listvyanka from 19 February to 30 March 2017 will be held the festival of ice sculptures. Guests event promises unusual sculptures, slides, mazes and lots of interesting surprises and entertainment.

On the holiday weekend of February 23 to February 26 scheduled "Ice caravan" – a small winter tourist route (city) ring the Great Tea Road, stretching from the village Tibelti to Baikalsk. At each point of the caravan route awaits guests unique Siberian spirit, inspired by the age-old Russian amusements and Baikal hospitality, organizers promise. The program is available on the website "Zimniada".

In Listvyanka 25-26 February await guests at the Winter Music Art Festival «Baikal-live winter». For spectators are bewitching rhythms of ethnic instruments, fiery rock and roll, soul author's song and dance workshops, sports competitions.

This year, the program "Zimniada" Pancake included in the architectural and ethnographic museum "Taltsy". It will be held on February 25-26.

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