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Baikal Rivers

Baikal Rivers

At different times researches have counted varying numbers of tributaries to Baikal: first 336, then 544. the fact is that in wet years barely noticeable rivulets become rushing and threatening, tearing down from the mountains into Baikal, carrying with them everything in their path. In dry years they sleep again and are more like streams.

Each tributary of Baikal has its own way, its own temperament. Unconstrainedly, spreading into branches , the Selenga steps in a stately way up to its father, Baikal. Bolting to freedom from the gorges of a mountain range., like a young rider, the Barguzine bursts into the wide stretch of the lake-sea. And the wild wind which tears from its valley has the same name, and the old song calls to him: "Hey, Barguzine, come blow up the waves!.." these two rivers, together with the upper Angara bring to Baikal three-quarters of its yearly portion of water. The rest is brought by the younger chlldren - rivers, streams and rivulets

River source of Angara


Baikal Crystal Pure Ice.

Baikal Crystal Pure Ice

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