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The hotel history

The hotel history


The hotel foundation


The hotel “Krestovaya Pad” was founded in 2005 in the settlement of Listvyanka and is considered one of the most picturesque and well-appointed places for recreation. A large number of guests can be accommodated here with cooking to satisfy the daintiest tooth and the ceremonial welcome to the hotel will be long remembered.


You may wonder what the hotel’s name means. “The Krestovaya Pad” or the Cross-like Dell takes its name after the place where the hotel is located in the dell of the taiga river Krestovka flowing out of the dell’s gorge taking its waters to holy lake Baikal. As soon as the lake’s ice breaks in the spring the species of grayling fish found only in Baikal rushes up the river for spawning. After spawning the grayling returns to the lake. Only the fish with enough oil content stay in the river where the ambient is ideal.


The hotel description


The hotel “ Krestovaya Pad” is a set of facilities for recreation containing 7 accommodation buildings, one detached VIP house, an office building, two restaurants, a coffee house and a grill bar with a summer terrace. 


The hotel can accommodate 140 people with double rooms fully occupied. The rooms have separate central heating with all modern amenities. There are convenient parking spaces close by and all the accommodation buildings have its own unique name related to the hotel’s location.


Accommodation building 1 “Krestovaya Pad” founded in 2005. One of the first original buildings is a three-storey brick house. The 1st and 2nd floors have balconies viewing lake Baikal landscapes and The Hamar-Daban mountain ridge. One of the famous guests who have stayed within the walls of this building is Paulo Coelho. The basement floor has a cozy coffee room where the guests are treated with fresh bakery. The coffee room is open from 4pm to 4am.

 Accommodation building 2 “Baikal” founded in 2005. It is a three-storey wooden house, whose aroma improving the sleep helps relax and forget hectic city life. The panoramic view over the lake makes the place very popular with the guests.

 Buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6 operated in the summer time provide special recreation conditions. Being equipped with chaise longues along with the fairy tale scenery and fresh air from Baikal makes this area more comfortable and relaxing.

Accommodation building 3 “Barguzin” founded in 2011.


Accommodation building 4 “Shumak” founded in 2011.


Accommodation building 5 “Kultuk” founded in 2012.


Accommodation building 6 “Olkhon” founded in 2012.


Accommodation building 7 “Baikal’s Fairy Tale” founded in 2007. The unique feature of the home-like cozy building is its 2 storey restaurant with 50 seats. Its huge windows on the 3d floor open a stunning view of Baikal. 


The VIP detached house-villa founded in 2005. The extraordinary design of the three storey house with its huge panoramic windows and a peculiar view of the lake help provide the guests with unique and unforgettable recreation. The basement houses a two level Finnish sauna and a pool. On the first level there is a wonderful dining room with a balcony, a cozy lounge with a built-in kitchen and a fire-place. The villa is quite suitable for a family celebration, company meetings or banquets, closed business conferences and summits.

 The office building founded in 2008.


Restaurant 1 founded in 2010. The cozy home atmosphere invites the visitors to never forget the time spent here and return to its welcome over and over to experience its romanticism and peace along with exquisite wines and dishes like grilled pollan with cream and roe sauce and pear in wine for dessert.

 The coffee house. Here you can savour apparently the best coffee made on your demand on the shores of Baikal,delicate home bakery served according to traditional recipes includes cakes, pies with delicious different filling.


The grill-bar with a summer terrace. The building is located on a high place of a mount. Huge windows offer a fabulous view. Wooden walls and flooring, exquisite furniture draped with magnificent clothing contribute to the relaxing atmosphere of this fairy-tale-like area. The original cuisine is one of the contributing factors as Alexander Shtrakhov the chef creates an exclusively delicious dish in a matter of moments.

 Famous visitors of the hotel


The Krestovaya Pad hotel has always played an important role in the cultural life of Listvyanka settlement accommodating a number of famous art workers.


Paulo Coelho the well-known Brazilian writer stayed here in May 2007. Saying good-bye he shared his impressions: “Here I sensed the energy of this magic place…”

Mikhail Zadornov also stayed in this hotel. At different times such well-known people as Vlad, Khamil, Shym, Zmey, rap-group Kasta’s members, singer Maxim, Pavel Sheremet and others had a chance to acknowledge our chef skills. Andrey Makarevich staying here preferred to cook his own food but also praised the work of local chefs and asked them to share their secrets and recipes with him. Famous “Comedy club” performers Gavr, Alexander Revva, Nezlobin, Timur Kashtan Batrutdinov, the Zaitsev sisters fell in love with the place and have returned here time and again. The Comedy club performers shared their enthusiasm with their typical humour: “Good house, excellent cuisine and somehow the locals managed to attach a lake to the house…”

 Nowadays the Krestovaya Pad hotel located on a hill close to Listvyanka settlement is a top-class recreation place ready to welcome everyone who seeks comfort and best modern service available along with the miraculous atmosphere of the Siberian Pearl surroundings.


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